About Us

Government Degree College Khumulwng was established in the year 2007 to meet the aspiration of the youth of the region for attaining higher education. The College was born out of the clear sighted and clear vision of the prominent citizens of Tripura for the benefit of future development of its people. The College is nascent saved institute of higher learning registered under 2(f) & 12(B), accredited with “B” grade in NAAC and located in the densely tribal populated location of near TTAADC headquarters. Since inception, the College has served its purpose of providing quality higher education for the people of Tripura. This premier institute of higher learning offers Under Graduate Degree course in Arts. A total of ten (08) Departments along with five (05) Honours subjects are at present on the full swing and it nourish properly in a large green virginity.

The Slim but efficient College is vibrant with rejuvenated work culture and as a aspiration of the locality is undergoing rapid developing transformation for providing quality education have been appreciated by the locality as well as by the State Government. Located near the calm and peaceful headquarters of TTAADC, the College has a sprawling campus with spacious playground, valley ball court, and Badminton court, hostel accommodation for ST girls, and good environment for faculty members which is comprised of a team of qualified, dedicated and competent teachers.

In the course of imparting over 15 years of quality education, the College has produced eminent citizens of Tripura in different walks of life and profession. At Government Degree College Khumulwng, the students are guided and motivated to realize their dreams and be transformed into complete and responsible social beings so that they can contribute towards the socio-economic upliftment of the region as well as the nation.


“Reaching Education to the unreachable and transforming society.”


The College aims to:

  1. Provide the basic needs of higher education to all by guiding especially to the educationally and economically backward sections of the society.
  2. Nurture the students’ personality and making them a responsible citizen.
  3. Seek the value of Quality education (Higher) to meet today’s global challenges.
  4. Inculcate moral ethics; promote fraternity and humanism amongst the students.
  5. Contribute to the nation-building process through all possible means.
  6. Induce scientific temperament in the students enabling them to think logically and critically.
  7. Uphold Patriotism and sensitizing on our rich history, cultural diversity and thereby promoting unity in diversity.


Government Degree College is permanently affiliated with Tripura University (A Central University) and recognized by UGC with 2(f) & 12(B) under the UGC Act of 1956.