About College

Government Degree College, Khumulwng, established in 2007, is a premier institute of higher learning registered under 2f & 12B of UGC Act 1956 and functioning under the Department of Higher Education, Government of Tripura. The College has a sprawling campus of 8.56 acres of land. This centre of higher learning has been making, since its inception, steady efforts towards illumination of the young minds through transmission of inclusive education and inculcation of supreme human values in allegiance to the ennobling concept of Man-Making education as enunciated by Swami Vivekananda. The College is affiliated to Tripura University (A Central University). It is located in the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) headquarters under Jirania Sub- Division, West district of Tripura. The College has been shifted from its old campus to the new academic campus in November 2019. The College embodies an aspiration of the locality for approaching the benchmarks of development through education which constitutes the matrix of progress in every age and clime. The college is one of the higher educational institutes operating within the radius of TTAADC headquarters besides Polytechnic College, Industrial Training Institute and other higher secondary schools. Government Degree College, Khumulwng, is a Co-educational institute which operates under the Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Tripura. The College presently offers B.A Honours in Political Science, History, Bengali, Education, and English besides B.A General Courses in subjects mentioned above along with other elective subjects such as Philosophy, Hindi, and Kokborok,. The College also offers Foundational courses in English, Bengali, Kokborok, Heritage and Culture, Computer Skills, Environmental Studies and Public Administration besides soft skill courses in Human Rights and Gender Studies, Constitution of India & Planning and Disaster Management.

“Reaching Education to the unreachable and transforming society”
The College aims to:
1. Provide the basic needs of higher education to all by guiding especially to the educationally and
economically backward sections of the society.
2. Nurture the students’ personality and making them a responsible citizen.
3. Seek the value of Quality education (Higher) to meet today’s global challenges.
4. Inculcate moral ethics; promote fraternity and humanism amongst the students.
5. Contribute to the nation-building process through all possible means.
6. Induce scientific temperament in the students enabling them to think logically and critically.
7. Uphold Patriotism and sensitizing on our rich history, cultural diversity and thereby promoting unity in