Government Degree College, Khumulwng established in 2007, is a premier Government institution of Higher Education in Tripura. The College has a campus of 8.56 acres of land. The college has been making, since its inception, steady efforts towards illumination of the young minds through transmission of modern education and inculcation of supreme human values. The college is affiliated to Tripura University (A Central University). It is also recognized by the UGC under section 2(f) and 12(B) of UGC Act, 1956.

 Government Degree College, Khumulwng is a UGC 2f & 12B recognized undergraduate General Degree college affiliated to Tripura University (A Central University). The college offers various undergraduate courses under humanities streams.

“Reaching Education to the unreachable and transforming society”

The College aims to:
1. Provide the basic needs of higher education to all by guiding especially to the educationally and
economically backward sections of the society.
2. Nurture the students’ personality and making them a responsible citizen.
3. Seek the value of Quality education (Higher) to meet today’s global challenges.
4. Inculcate moral ethics; promote fraternity and humanism amongst the students.
5. Contribute to the nation-building process through all possible means.
6. Induce scientific temperament in the students enabling them to think logically and critically.
7. Uphold Patriotism and sensitizing on our rich history, cultural diversity and thereby promoting unity in

Government Degree College, Khumulwng is administered by the Directorate of Higher Education, Govt. of Tripura.  Therefore, all the rules and regulations are framed and governed by the Directorate of Higher Education. However, our College has own code of Conduct for smoothly functioning of the college.

  • Appropriate and well-mannered behavior as part of professional ethics; official decorum should be maintained as a mark of respect to all categories of employees.
  • All Students are expected to be in the college premises with the college uniform and ID card issued by the College authority.
  • Use of offensive and slang words by the students, teachers and other employees in the college is strictly prohibited.
  • Yelling, screaming or engaging in loud conversation or discussion while walking down the corridors during the class hours is strictly forbidden.
  • Complete silence should be maintained in the Library.
  • Use of dustbins, waste bins by all is highly encouraged.
  • Maintaining the college in neat and tidy and making it a plastic free campus.
  • Use of any intoxicants, tobacco etc inside the classroom, library and within the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are expected not to draw/ sketch or write anything on the desk, tables and walls.
  • College expects each member to be alert and vigilant and to report any misuse, damage or destruction of any item of college property including e-resources and college websites.
  • The College expects its entire members to work in a spirit of co-operation and harmony for Excellency.
  • Use of mobile phones in college premises during class hours and examination are strictly forbidden.
  • Students are not allowed to bring in outsiders (those without formal invitation issued by the College) or to use the college premises and the college property to host parties or celebrate events.
  • All students are expected to switched off the fans, lights etc. while leaving the classrooms.

How to Reach

Jirania (3 km away). It is connected to all the major cities of India by broad-gauge.

 Agartala. Well connected with Kolkata, Guwahati, Mumbai, Delhi by about five domestic airlines.

 Bus services are available connecting Khumulwng to Agartala via Jirania (NH-44) only 25 km. Taxi, Omni, Max & Jeep services are also available.